I've paid, what do i do now? 

Head over to instagram and request to follow @empowerbyeyal. You will be accepted within 48 hours. 

I've changed my mind! What do i do?

We obviously don't want to see you go, but if you wish to cancel please click here and follow the instructions from our payment provider. If you signed up before 2nd July 2020, please email info@empowerbyeyal.com

Where do i sign up? 

Click here to be taken to the sign up page! 

I have entered my instagram handle, but haven't been requested? 

Dont worry! If you went through the payment process we will be getting to your request very soon. If something happened, and you didn't see the payment portal, simply sign up again and enter your instagram handle. Once you've done that and been taken to the account page, sign up, enter your bank details and confirm. Within 48 hours we will accept your request!